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GutterShutter® Gutters

Jerry Harris Remodeling offers installation of a seamless, leaf-free gutter system that we feel is the best on the market.

Our system is called GutterShutter.

The GutterShutter system consists of 6 inch gutters with 3”x 4” downspouts that carries a lifetime warranty not to clog.

Unlike other systems, our’s isn’t mounted into your roof. Instead we use a patented system that installs under your drip edge. For more information about our GutterShutter system click here.

GutterShutter® Gutters

Below are some common questions about our system:

What size gutters can you make?

We only make 6″ gutters. These gutters allow for better water travel and less chance of an overflow due to volume.

What colors can I get?

Our GutterShutter system comes in over 15 colors. Click here to see some of our colors and play with how they look.

How long do your gutters take to install?

The installation times varies based on the size of your home. Typically our GutterShutter installations take 1-2 days.

Can GutterShutter be used on a metal or slate roof?

Unlike many other systems our GutterShutter system attaches to the framing of your house and is not mounted on the roof under your shingles. This gives us the ability
to mount our gutters on any roof.

What if I need to do other maintenance on my roof?

You should have no worries about leaning a ladder on our gutter… After all, it is strong enough to hold 2 adult men hanging from it.

Take the first steps today to get started on your new seamless, leaf-free gutters.

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